Life Science Conversion

Middlesex Science Center

Piscataway, New Jersey

Tech forward.

Middlesex Science Center (MSC) at 30 Knightsbridge Road is a four-building, 685,000-square-foot campus in Piscataway, New Jersey. Originally designed, engineered, and developed by AT&T as a mission critical office and data center in the late 1970s, it served the burgeoning, worldwide technological evolution. Keystone acquired the campus in 2014 and executed a multimillion-dollar redevelopment plan to reposition and activate the property. Today, MSC is a thriving, amenity-rich HQ for life science and flex tech corporations.

Lab ready.

MSC’s origins as an AT&T office and data center provide mission-critical features required by the rapidly expanding life sciences industry, including: high-capacity weight bearing floors; floor-to-deck heights from 16’1” to 32’4”; robust chiller capacity; fresh air intakes; dual power supply served by an onsite substation; backup emergency power; covered loading docks; freight elevators; and venting chases.

The campus provides access to a high-quality labor pool via an ecosystem offered by Rutgers University and the surrounding life sciences community and strengthens a company’s ability to retain the best and brightest employees, many of whom prefer a vibrant, work-play environment. MSC’s amenities include an expansive fitness center, full-service cafeteria, collaborative common spaces with Wi-Fi, and several shared conferences rooms, including a 240-person auditorium.

Proof of concept.

Infinity BiologiX (IBX), a global leader in biobanking, bioprocessing, and analytics with over 50 years of biomaterial expertise, recently spun out from Rutgers University, requiring a new facility to enhance and accelerate its mission. The world’s largest university-based biorepository, IBX seeks to understand the genetic causes of common, complex diseases and discover diagnoses, treatments and, eventually, cures. Currently housed in a 30,000-square-foot temporary space at MSC, IBX will expand into a state-of-the-art, 200,000-square-foot space, consolidating its growth at MSC. By utilizing MSC’s technologically advanced infrastructure and the highest quality biomaterials, IBX scientists will be best positioned to continue converting precious biosamples into renewable resources, thereby extending research capabilities.

“As a fully functional biorepository, our capabilities span the entire life cycle of a sample. We are staffed 24/7/365 to ensure timely processing of samples. MSC’s in-place infrastructure checked all the boxes in satisfying our speed to market lab needs,” said Jitesh Patel, Senior Director of Infrastructure and Logistics at IBX.

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